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Spring / Summer 2015 Men's Style Trend Forecast

Once again, we had another great show at MAGIC in Las Vegas last month!  One of our favorite parts of the show that we love to share with you is definitely the projected fashion trend forecasts for the upcoming seasons courtesy of Fashion Snoops.  Without further to do, 4 main themes for Spring / Summer 2015 style trends are:  Thrift Shop, Artisanal, Streamline, and Avant Pop.  We're definitely loving all...

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2013 Holiday Gift Guide

We are pleased to announce that our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide has arrived!  It offers up a great list of gift ideas for any dapper guy. From our new gift sets like Pocket Square Clothing's Raspberry skinny tie + Companion pocket square and Hugh Simms' Any Means Italian Wool skinny tie + 6-shooter tie clip to an exciting combo of Leather Rose Lapel Pins from new designers, A Brooched Square,...

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Fall/Winter 14/15 Style Trends

Vegas? Yes, please. This August we had the pleasure of attending the MAGIC Market Week Summer show in Vegas, for our first time. Typically any excuse to go to Vegas is a good one, but this time we were exceptionally excited to be in town for all the events. We spent our time walking the show floors and visiting with the plethora of exhibiting designers and vendors. We also attended...

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July Recap: Loaded with Summer Events

July has been yet another busy month for MMBC!  Our month started out with a trip to vintage shoppers paradise - The Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Held on the 2nd Sunday of every month in our hometown of Pasadena, this world-famous Rose Bowl event is the perfect place to score amazing vintage items - clothing, furniture, jewelry, military collectibles, patches, posters, home decor, random widgets & whatchamacallits abound! That is......

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NEW ARRIVALS: Doggy Bow Tie Exclusives!

We've been working hard the last few months trying to release new and interesting content on our site and through our social media, and have come up with some really cool stuff. But, one thing that we are very proud to announce is our brand NEW exclusive doggy bow ties! We have been working very closely with Dear Doggy designer, Khirsten, to design some new doggy bow ties to be...

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We are proud to announce that Marbella Modern Boys Club is now an OFFICIAL backer of Create & Collaborate at the UNIQUE SPACE, a new co-work space home of local arts, culture & entrepreneurship coming soon to DTLA's Arts District!  "THE UNIQUE SPACE is going to be much more than just shared co-work space, offices and studios - it’s going to be a game-changer helping to ensure that the Arts...

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Beat the Heat: Summer Vacation Wear

  Summer in St. Tropez by marbellamodern featuring  The Jacquard    Give florals and chambray or linen a try for your summer vacation look!  The lightweight, breathable texture of linen, the versatility of a short-sleeve shirt in the hot weather months, the ease of loafers, the on-trend clear shades & the polish of a silk floral skinny tie make this ensemble one to be reckoned with!  Whether chillin' on a...

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July 4th Party Town

The eve of our great nation's independence day is upon us! We can't wait to get the festivities started.... good food, good music, and good company! I can't think of a better way to celebrate. It's definitely been getting hot out, so remember to stay cool, look cool, and be safe.  Wherever you are and  however you're spending the day, remember to stay cool and look cool doing it! On...

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MMBC Call to Arms!

  The title choices for this blog were a toss-up between "Call to Arms!" and "Release the Hounds!".  In the end, I opted for more of a summoning title rather than something that sends you running.  But I so desperately felt like shouting "Release the Hounds!" so I had to squeeze that in here somewhere ;) Yup.  It has been a long week.   Anyhow, this digression aside, we want to take this...

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Unique L.A.

    Now the fun REALLY begins for us.... It's time to do the shopping!  A few weekends ago I dropped in at Unique L.A., an independent design show, which was formed as a way "to bring local-made design and art to the masses while helping to grow and support the US economy and small business."  Unique L.A. is a great open-to-the-public event that showcases modern Made-in-America design and is...

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First Post!

    It's definitely been a journey getting to this point, but we trudged along and we're finally steps away from opening! A lot of foundation work and planning has gone into this, but it's all been worth it and we've been having a lot of fun with it too (that's the important thing right?). To say we are excited would be an understatement.    This past weekend Nicole was...

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