June 20 2013 Thursday at 05:30 PM

MMBC Call to Arms!


The title choices for this blog were a toss-up between "Call to Arms!" and "Release the Hounds!".  In the end, I opted for more of a summoning title rather than something that sends you running.  But I so desperately felt like shouting "Release the Hounds!" so I had to squeeze that in here somewhere ;) Yup.  It has been a long week.


Anyhow, this digression aside, we want to take this opportunity to officially introduce ourselves and announce that Marbella Modern Boys Club is now "Open for Business"!  When our site was launched last week, we were overcome with joy at the incredible response we received from family, friends & men's style connoisseurs.  The outpouring of social media support rocked!  So if you were one of the many who helped us spread the word about MMBC by sharing, forwarding & liking.... a great, big THANK YOU!  And if you weren't, well, you can still help promote the new site by doing the same.  We truly appreciate all the love!


More importantly, this blog post is a Call to Arms...  Members, it's time to man up!!  Give us your feedback!  Don't hold back!  You are our "members" and your style is what MMBC thrives on so we want to know what gets you going!  Email us items you would like to see us carry.  Or show us which of our new items you're feelin' by clicking the social media links on the individual item pages. Share them with friends!  Pin to your Pinterest boards (or find style inspiration in ours)!  Snap a pic of yourself (or your dog) in one of our pieces and post it to Instagram using #marbellamodern.  Show us what being a Modern Man (or Dog) means to you!  REEELEEEAASE THE HOUUUNDSS!


Over n' Out,