July 03 2013 Wednesday at 02:43 PM

July 4th Party Town

The eve of our great nation's independence day is upon us! We can't wait to get the festivities started.... good food, good music, and good company! I can't think of a better way to celebrate. It's definitely been getting hot out, so remember to stay cool, look cool, and be safe. 

Wherever you are and  however you're spending the day, remember to stay cool and look cool doing it! On these hot summer days, linens and light colors are your friend. They also look great! Here's a look you can play around with:

4th of July Americana Style for Men



To give you some ideas of how we'll be celebrating, take a look at Chef Francis Dimitrius' recent July 4th blog!  See what he'll be cooking up on the bbq in addition to the classic burgers and hot dogs

And now to top things off... a 4th of July party just wouldn't be the same without some music! Listen to our Freedom playlist below to hear what we'll be bumpin :D  F$@K YEAH, AMERICA... It's your Birthday! SO GO HARD!!!


Harlan Signing Out!