July 30 2013 Tuesday at 05:29 PM

July Recap: Loaded with Summer Events

July has been yet another busy month for MMBC! 

Our month started out with a trip to vintage shoppers paradise - The Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Held on the 2nd Sunday of every month in our hometown of Pasadena, this world-famous Rose Bowl event is the perfect place to score amazing vintage items - clothing, furniture, jewelry, military collectibles, patches, posters, home decor, random widgets & whatchamacallits abound! That is... if you are willing to do the work.  There is some serious digging to do if you are the hunt for something specific, like we were.   We scored some awesome vintage tie clips and lapel pins that we are considering adding to our collection on a possible new vintage page on our site. 

Combing the aisles of the Rose Bowl Flea Market for vintage tie clips & lapel pins


We were also able to attend UNIQUE L.A.'s Summer show, as well as the Renegade Craft Fair. Both events had a really great turn out. We saw some familiar faces and even got to meet some new ones.  We love going to these shows for a few reasons. It helps us stay involved in the local fashion and creative communities, and it allows us to stay current on any up and coming designers.

This year's UNIQUE L.A. Summer show was held at the Barker Hangar in the Santa Monica Airport. This show prides itself on being "the destination for all things made in America", and we can attest to that. Barker Hangar was a great venue with a hip vibe. They had a live DJ playing music throughout the space, as well as a handful of local food trucks to satiate the hungry hipsters. We, too, were able to indulge in some delicious currywurst from the Currywurst Truck, which sent both of us into a serious state of German wanderlust. But, beside the food and music, we had a great time visiting with some of our current designers to check out their new products and browsing the aisles to see all the local-made wares the show had to offer. 

The Pocket Square Clothing design duo, Andrew & Rodolfo, at Unique L.A.


M.G. Baker Co. Designer, Matt, and vintage Kimono scarf designs by Kiriko at Unique L.A.


The next show we had the pleasure of visiting was the Renegade Craft Fair held at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, located just on the outskirts of downtown L.A., near Chinatown. This event's hallmarking symbol is that it is "a curated indie-craft marketplace showcasing the brightest talents in contemporary craft and design". Similar to Unique, in that this event showcases a lot of local talent (in various cities throughout the U.S.), however the difference lies in that the vendors here produce what seems to be more of a handmade quality in their products than anything else. And we LOVE that! It's really awesome to see the passion these designers are putting into their creations.

Oftentimes, when we visit these shows, we may not have something specific that we are looking for, which enables us to go in with an open mind. We'll stop by every booth to see if anything catches our interest; Handcrafted jewelry, distressed vintage signs that light up, leather goods, and locally made food products, are all amongst the crowd of booths. Shows like these are truly great places to find hidden gems that are tucked away from the mainstream mega-retailers.

Vintage Tie Clips from Hugh Simms, reclaimed vintage signs from Junk Art Gypsyz & adorable Dear Doggy bow ties at Renegade Craft Fair


Designer Hugh Simms with some of his neckwear designs at Renegade Craft Fair


We are looking forward to sharing some more details with all of you in the near future about what we have planned for Marbella Modern Boys Club! But, for now we have to prepare for our exciting buying trip to the MAGIC fashion trade show in Las Vegas. We'll keep you updated every chance we get!