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About Us

Why Accessories?

Accessories add that heightened dimension of sophistication to any ensemble.  While men's fashion is continuing to grow, still the types of garments that men have access to are more limited.  However, the unifying element of every menswear look truly is found in the details.  Ties, bow ties, scarves & pocket squares are all the perfect finishing touch, the piece de resistance that can be added to an outfit showcasing your personality through a pop of color, pattern, texture & character, making each look your own.   It is the perfect way to instantly update your existing wardrobe and incorporate current trends enabling the items you already have to go further without the cost of a complete closet overhaul.  Upgrading your arsenal of accessories creates the vehicle through which even the most mundane outfit can be brought to life.

Who Are We?

Founded in Los Angeles in 2013 by Harlan Dimitrius & Nicole Dimitrius, a brother + sister duo, Marbella Modern Boys Club emerged out of their shared passion for fashion as well as their love of unique fabrics, patterns and colors.  The cultural exposure of traveling around the world lead to a strong interest in varying art forms, textiles, beauty, fashion & food as well as an even stronger interest in the common bonds of us all.   With a combined background in Art and Business, Harlan having studied at the Art Institute of San Francisco and Nicole at the University of Southern California, they both found themselves in search of a creative outlet after years in the business world. Fashion was that perfect medium.  

After coming to the realizations that there is a need for more men’s fashion accessory retailers and that men’s accessories such as ties, bow ties & scarves are a wonderful way to connect all of these shared interests, their passion manifested itself in a venue where they could express their eclectic taste by bringing together designs that encompass the independent spirit, the world traveler & the modern man.  Each and every hand-selected item is an expression of each of those defining characteristics that the Marbella Modern Boys Club was founded on, bringing that collection of ideas to you through fashion.  


The driving force behind the Marbella Modern Boys Club is to represent the common thread running through a brotherhood by way of a collective ethos.  At the end of the day, we are all the same – searching for a way to leave our own unique mark on this Earth while strengthening our bonds with each other.  You are invited to join our collective of brothers, Marbella Modern Boys Club, and enable that common thread to continue interweaving itself throughout the world.                                                                                                                                              

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