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A Brooched Square

     A Brooched Square was established in 2013, realizing their motto of "Posse Ad Esse (from possibility to actuality)", as an accessory brand specializing in lapel accents for the modern man and woman.  Inspired by the "little things", founders Anjee Woods and Brandon Nelson are subscribers to the thought that the quality of distinction, does indeed, rest in the details.

     With craftsmanship that that can only be achieved by human hands, the ABS brand is fueled by meticulously handcrafted creations, made in the USA, that supplement one's sense of originality, creativity and style.  ABS seeks to transcend the traditional usage of lapel accents by creating timeless pieces that compliment both formal and casual attire.  The brand has expanded and now also features tie bars and a colorful arrangement waxed cotton laces. 


Dear Doggy

     Man’s best friend often becomes lost in the abundance of typical and is not afforded the same luxuries as their human counterparts, nor the opportunity for individual expression. Dear Doggy’s mission is to provide dogs with lifestyle products and accessories that transcend the traditional barriers of distinction between human and dog and extend the style and sophistication of man to their four-legged counterparts.

     Dear Doggy was founded by Khirsten Neita in 2012 out of necessity for her doggy, Ziggy. Her love for dogs and background in architecture and design from the University of Southern California has inspired the modern and unique designs of all Dear Doggy products. From the one-of-a-kind treats to the hand-crafted home pieces and accessories, what you and your furry friend get from Dear Doggy is a luxurious lifestyle and inspiration for the expression of each doggy’s uniqueness and individuality.


Hugh Simms

     Hugh Simms, the distant grandson of George Calvert, Lord Baltimore (the founder of Maryland), was taught the art of fashion design at the early age of twelve from his grandmother who created restaurant uniforms for their family business, Phillips Seafood Restaurants. Hugh fell in love with the entire process: sewing, sketching, and creating unique garments with a common vision. 

     Upon graduating from Cornell, he went to work for his family’s business assisting in all forms of design including: fashion, interior, and graphic. Hugh was also put in charge of overseas recruitment. requiring him to travel across the globe to hire college students as part time employees for the busy summer season. While attending the local job fairs in various countries, Hugh became immersed in their cultures. This led to many adventures, including making friends with the local street artists of Prague and sharing design ideas in an underground Croatian speakeasy. These experiences, as well as his rebellious English heritage, became influential on his design style.

     Taking pride in mastering his craft, he moved to Los Angeles to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) to polish his techniques. Hugh then went on to apprentice under the Morrison family, who are three generations deep in neckwear craftsmanship. In 2009, Hugh partnered with his best friend, a Cornell finance major, to successfully launch the HUGH SIMMS brand, releasing their first line of unorthodox, high quality, handcrafted neckwear showcasing intelligent designs and a separate rough and gritty edge. 

     A believer in American craftsmanship, Simms prides himself on having his products handmade in his Los Angeles workshop using the same seventeen step process used in the 1940′s. His team consists of some of the top craftsmen in the industry all sharing a passion for reviving this lost art form.



     Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Dawn Yanagihara, the Creative Director & Co-Founder of Kiriko, is a fifth generation Japanese American. After college, Dawn spent a year in Aomori, Japan; it was there she first came into contact with Japanese heritage fabrics and her interest has carried on to this day.

     “Most of my family’s heirlooms were taken during WWII. Most of the items had come with my great-great-grandfather and grandmother from Japan. Growing up I definitely longed for items that would better inform my cultural identity. Since starting Kiriko and working with antique and vintage Japanese fabrics, my understanding and appreciation for this fabric and the history behind it has grown exponentially. It’s a privilege to work with this material–it’s so unique and precious–and I am so happy to be able to share it with our customers. There’s really nothing like it.”

     The history of a fabric tells the history of a culture. Boro fabric (or Japanese indigo) is a handwoven hand-dyed fabric originally used by Japanese peasants, merchants and artisans from the 17th to19th century. Often patched with pieces of kasuri and kimono, boro represents a period when items were precious and few. Goods were made by hand and made to last, with a pride in one’s craft and an understanding that quality is created over time. Boro fabric is a reminder of the values of originality, purpose, and quality Kiriko strives to uphold in each of their products.

     Kiriko is an immersion of American and Japanese craftsmanship, a mix of traditional patterns and heritage fabrics, each with its own unique character. Every product is made, pressed, and packaged by hand in Portland, Oregon. Always inspired by unique timeless fashion, Kiriko is the culmination of a dream to make items that are both beautiful and utilitarian.


M.G. Baker Co.

     M.G. Baker Co. is the culmination of Matthew Baker's lifelong passion for great design, learning new things, and using his own hands to create something entirely unique.  He believes in making high quality goods using time honored techniques and superior construction methods with inordinate attention to detail.  The first product is a line of Self-Tie Bow Ties handmade in the U.S.A.

     "My workroom is a treasure trove of industrial machines from the early-to-mid-1900s.  I find it incredibly inspiring to sew on equipment that helped dress Americans whose clothing, in turn, helped influence the modern pieces I create today."  - Matthew Baker


Pocket Square Clothing

     Pocket Square Clothing was established in 2011 as a men's accessory brand.  Founders Rodolfo Ramirez and Andrew Cheung sought to create a lifestyle brand beyond clothing.  To date, they feature a collection of handcrafted bow ties, skinny neckties and pocket squares.  The brand is a reflection of the ideals behind the Urban Gentleman.  This is their effort to tell a story, to inspire and be inspired, and to create a powerful connection with you through timeless pieces.

     Pocket Square Clothing takes pride in its domestic manufacturing and attention to detail.  Using traditional techniques, everything is carefully handcrafted by some of the oldest remaining craftsmen in the heart of Los Angeles.  Each piece comes with a narrative and fully handcrafted vintage-inspired packaging.  The brand follows the mantra that American-made is better, and that quality and attention to detail is key.


Richer Poorer

     Richer Poorer was built on a simple idea.  To make everyday products better than themselves, they found that it takes a unique perspective and a willingness to go down a path less traveled.  To build from the inside out.  They have followed that path ever since.

     Their collections begin with the forgotten finds uncovered in the thrift stores, pictures of a family road trip taken long ago, the texture of a knitted sweater, and the yearning for something new.  They translate inspirations from the past into tangible designs that are relatable today.  Richer Poorer's Union Made line offers a strictly Made in USA collection of men's socks.

     The Richer Poorer family of products are designed to give folks the opportunity to show off their individuality.  In the monotony of their weekly wardrobe, their hope is to give people something to look forward to; something to talk about.       



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